How to Get a Job as a Retail Merchandiser

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Retail merchandisers are employed by brand manufacturers, rather than by specific stores, and they work with various stores to ensure that their employer's goods are displayed appropriately. Usually, merchandiser positions require a solid knowledge of fashion or design trends along with an eye for detail. In addition, they require applicants to be fit, as a lot of lifting and walking is required — mannequins and display units are surprisingly heavy.

Retail merchandiser jobs are usually available through job sites and via the websites of specific companies. If there's a major brand presence in your area that you're interested in, check out that brand's website for retail merchandiser positions.

To actually get the job, you need to demonstrate that you understand what the brand is trying to achieve in terms of presentation and style. Some brands prefer a more traditional style, especially those selling everyday items. Other brands prefer a more outgoing and youthful approach. Look at ads for each brand and ensure that you fit in with those styles.

You also need to show that you can build strong working relationships with a diverse group of people, and that's where many people struggle. Retail attracts a huge range of people, ranging from those who barely obtained their high school diplomas to people who have advanced degrees, and retail merchandisers must be good at connecting with them all.

What helps retail merchandisers is to have actual retail experience. Employers want to know that you won't flounder and that you understand basic corporate structures. Retail merchandisers must interact with managers to ensure that products are displayed appropriately and in accordance with the expectations of the brand. If a brand has paid to be displayed on a promotional end, you must ensure that this has happened across your stores. If there are any issues, you need to follow them up, and this is where knowledge of retail operations is helpful.

You need to show that you're fit. Mention how you like to go for regular runs or how you've worked in a physical environment. Essentially, you need to demonstrate that you enjoy exercise. Driving is also a necessary part of retail merchandiser jobs, as the position requires you to work across a large area, and you may need your own vehicle. Other essential skills for retail merchandisers include the ability to use basic computer software and the ability to interpret retail data, such as brand analytics.

Brands need to ensure that their expenditure and investment in their products is met with an appropriate return, and that's where retail merchandisers come in. You need to be fit, market-focused and able to speak with everyone from shelf stackers to store bosses to ensure that your company's products are appropriately displayed within the store.

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