Ten Things You Should Not Buy This Year

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In 2015, many new and exciting products are available. However, there are just as many products and services that may not be as necessary as they once were. Here are 10 redundant products that consumers never need to buy again.

1. Cable TV

Cable TV used to be very popular, but it is quickly becoming a redundant product as consumers switch to cheaper alternatives, including streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. Whereas cable TV can cost over $100 a month, streaming services cost more like $8 a month. Streaming services also give consumers complete freedom over the shows they watch.

2. Name-Brand Razorblades

Name-brand razorblades work well, but they are expensive. Many cheaper alternatives are coming onto the market. Consumers are also using membership programs, which sell cut-price blades on a mail-order subscription basis.

3. Bottled Water

Americans are starting to wake up to the fact that bottled water is no cleaner, safer or healthier than tap water. In fact, 45 percent of bottle water brands source their water from the municipal supply, so it's actually the same as tap water, but much more expensive.

4. Credit Monitoring Services and Identity Theft Insurance

Crediting monitoring services and identity theft insurance claim to protect customers from fraud, but many experts say that they are redundant products. Banks already have policies in place to protect customers from identity theft and other types of fraud.

5. CDs and DVDs

Streaming services are turning CDs and DVDs into redundant products. Sales of DVDs are already dropping, with an 8 percent decrease in 2013.

6. Memory Sticks

Memory sticks are also becoming redundant products, as online storage services gain popularity. Many services provide some storage for free, with more space available for a small fee.

7. Phablets

Phablets are a phase, according to many technology experts. With a size midway between a phone and a tablet, phablets were advertised as offering the best of both worlds, but many consumers find they prefer having phones that can fit in their pockets and tablets that offer large screens for reading and Web browsing.

8. Paid Online Dating Services

Online dating is hot, but the rise of free sites has turned paid memberships into redundant products. Whether consumers are looking for a fling or a serious commitment, there are free dating sites that can meet their needs.

9. Moonshine

Since 2009, there has been a trend toward boutique moonshine, an unaged spirit that is colorless rather than brown. However, consumers are realizing that moonshine doesn't have the same depth as aged whiskeys.

10. 4K TVs

4K televisions offer ultrahigh definition, but they are very expensive. Many consumers are realizing that the improved definition is not worth the extra cost.

Consumers have no need of the 10 redundant products listed above as increasingly cheaper alternatives are invading the market each day. Many experts predict that sales of these products and services are likely to decrease over the next few years.


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