Ways to Attract Millennials to Manufacturing

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Baby boomers are retiring in record numbers, leaving many manufacturing positions available. A younger generation of workers are ready to fill these open positions, but many firms find it difficult to attract millennials to manufacturing jobs. Millennials have countless career options and completely different set of preferences and values than the baby boomer generation. To attract millennials, businesses must adopt modern-day practices that make a manufacturing career worthwhile to Generation Y workers.

Integrates New Technology

You're unlikely to attract millennials to a manufacturing position that requires them to sit at a single machine or stand on a production line all day long. Millennials expect their work environments to be exciting and innovative, so companies must be willing to continuously integrate new technologies, such as 3-D printing and industrial robotics, into their manufacturing processes. Stay on top of the latest technological trends in manufacturing, and create a high-tech work environment that sets a standard in the manufacturing industry to draw millennials your way. Once they arrive, encourage them to share additional technological methods, ideas and resources that will keep your company at the forefront of the manufacturing industry.

Collaborative Work Environment

Millennials are a social group. They grew up with the internet and are used to sharing their thoughts and ideas and gaining insight from others through social media and other online platforms. The ability to collaborate comes naturally to millennials, which is why many seek collaborative work environments. Attract millennials to your organization by creating a culture that allows employees to work together and promotes teamwork over solitary efforts. Develop manufacturing teams, and give these teams the freedom to create or drastically improve a specific product. This type of environment is highly beneficial for workers and manufacturing plants, since the field involves many complex processes that would be handled better by people working as a team.

Training and Development Opportunities

Millennials rarely shy away from the opportunity to learn new technologies or skills. Take advantage of this trait by creating training and development programs that millennials want to take part in. Hire someone to train employees to use some of the most innovative technology available to manufacturing workers, and provide bonuses and other benefits to those who complete the training. Provide management training on-site, and don't hesitate to promote your best workers. In this type of environment, millennials know they have a high likelihood of advancing within the organization if they put forth the effort.

Purposeful Work

Many millennial workers have expressed their desire to be part of something bigger than themselves. Purposeful work motivates individuals to work hard and makes work life much more fulfilling. Attract millennials to the manufacturing jobs in your organization by continuously highlighting the value of your active workers. During interviews, let millennials know how the job contributes to the overall success of the company and how their work would positively impact the immediate society and the world at large.

Millennials are the future of today's workforce, and their innovative ideas and willingness to incorporate new technologies into the manufacturing process can transform your business and maximize profits. To remain competitive, organizations must do everything possible to attract millennials who are talented, smart, and eager to make contributions to the manufacturing industry and society as a whole.

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