Where should retirees look for employment?

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What must you do to get a job? Consider this: How many other workers can do what you do? Where are the jobs? What jobs are appropriate for older Americans? Many of these jobs require skills you must acquire. Sure there are all kinds of opportunities for pharmacists, nurses, chemists and researchers, but at this stage of your life these may not be legitimate alternatives. Below is a list of jobs that are appropriate for older workers: The area where the greatest need and thus the greatest opportunity is HEALTH CARE - Medical record keepers - Social service workers - Care givers - Dental assistants - Medical assistants and laboratory technicians - Ophthalmic laboratory technicians - Ophthalmic medical assistants - Occupational therapy assistants - Physician assistants - Pediatric assistants - Physical therapy assistants - Emergency medical technicians OTHER/JOBS - Veterinary assistants & handlers - Executives & managers (project assignments) - Consultants - Accountants - Call center, help desk & customer service - Inside sales/telemarketing - Bookkeepers - School bus drivers - Guards/security - Corrections workers - Cashiers - Hotel/hospitality jobs like front desk & concierge - Fast food and restaurant help (short order cooks, bartenders) So you should consider retraining for many of these jobs. Going back to school can be a challenge for older Americans and can be a great experience for others, but in many cases it is a necessary step to differentiate yourself from the tens of thousands of other older workers and retirees that all have the same skills and experience that you have. Check out the "Continue your education" area on the front page of this site. You can also search for a job or post your resume; or set an "alert" so the system will notify you if a job is posted that matches your interest, experience and geographic preferences.

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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Thanks for all of the great comments. Going back to work after retirement doesn't have to be a miserable experience. This is the best time to explore interests and find work that matters to you.
  • Cheryl
    The day I began my 'retraining' in a medical billing & coding program,I was hopeful I'd find employment. We were told there was a very great need for our skills. This 'retraining' was shortly after the 'Wall Street Debauchery' when decent jobs were not to be found in the medical billing & coding field, except those requiring 2-5 years experience.The need for trained medical billers & coders WILL be needed by October 1, 2013. What are we 'retrained' people supposed to do in the meantime?
  • Gary Harris
    Gary Harris
    I am an older individual with a lower capacity learning level.  I can learn a hands on job with a variety of different things involved in it and am willing to train to better my job or employment chances with a good company willing to give an older employee a decent chance to prove himself or herself. The name of the game is survival, and not necessarily of the fitest in these tough times.
  • James T.
    James T.
    This was both interesting and helpful. It gives one additional ideas on other job possibilities one might seek when they approach 65 years old.
  • Helen Lindberg
    Helen Lindberg
    your information is invaluable to me as I have been unemployed for over 4 months now and have only had one interview so far. I have taken part time work to stay out there with working people. Keep us all posted as you have more information/hope to offer us all.
  • sondra caney-smith
    sondra caney-smith
    I just located this site and plan to share with all my friends. I live in a housing complex for seniors over 55...
  • Richard
    Articles like this are of great help to people in the position I find myself in. I was downsized out of a job despite being in the top 5% of performers. Its the same old story, but finding a job turning 60 is frustrating. I have expereince being a recruiter and know my credentials on a 35 or 40 year old would be awesome but one look at my expereince and graduation dates and 20ish / 30ish HR people can't comprehend the value they are looking at so the brand me as to old, or not "career" potential. We need to focus on aging workforce in this country for no other reason than we have the money and we-re not going to spend it where we are not valued.
  • Yvonne Pricre
    Yvonne Pricre
    Excellent advice.  However, I've found that there is a requirement for a "job title" which has always been an issue looking for jobs.  If the titles don't match exactly, you lose a chance at a match between you and the employer.  When I was doing the hiring at a major computer vendor, I always looked for skills-match rather than title.  It appears there is still a dearth of anyone in a hiring/recruiting position with that capabilty.
  • Shirley Webb
    Shirley Webb
    There is a wealth of information on this website for older americans who has retired seeking other source of employment as well as those thinking of retiring but do not want to just sit at home.  Keep up the good work!
  • Ken Davis
    Ken Davis
    It would be so helpful to know how the author found this information.

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