• Boiler Operator

    CHS Inc. Kennedy, MN 56733

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  • Boiler Operator

    Job ID: 6275


    Kennedy, MN, US, 56733

    Date posted: Jun 21, 2022

    Employment Type: Hourly

    Schedule: Full Time

    Job ID: 6275

    CHS Inc. is a leading global agribusiness owned by farmers, ranchers and cooperatives across the United States that provides grain, food and energy resources to businesses and consumers around the world. We serve agriculture customers and consumers across the United States and around the world. Most of our 10,000 employees are in the United States, but today we have employees in 19 countries. At CHS, we are creating connections to empower agriculture.


    CHS is looking for a Boiler Operator for our facility located in Kennedy, MN. Boiler Operator is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and servicing of two high-pressure gas-fired boilers including related systems and equipment. If this sounds like a job for you apply today!


    • Safely operates and adjusts high pressure gas boilers in the steam generating plant.

    • Observes boiler plant operations using control and monitoring software from control room.

    • Sets up and tunes boiler control loops.

    • Conducts flue gas analysis and adjusts fuel combustion trimming controls accordingly.

    • Operates and maintains boiler water support systems including the:

    • Make up water system

    • Water softening system

    • Reverse osmosis system

    • Deaeration system

    • Chemical treatment systems

    • Cooling water system including the cooling tower

    • Operates and maintains the waste water system and components.

    • Operates and maintains the waste water treatment systems.

    • Performs firewater system maintenance and monitoring.

    • Perform water quality test for all water carrying systems including boiler makeup water, condensate, waste, cooling, fire water, and reverse osmosis.

    • Maintains gas valves and distribution system.

    • Monitors over-pressurization devices and steam traps.

    • Maintains various records and reports relative to steam plant operations.

    • Recognizes the importance of boiler safety control and start-up interlocks.

    • Approach every task with safety as the first work consideration. Adhere to all safety policies and procedures. Identify and mitigate hazards before starting works tasks. Maintain situational awareness to identify and mitigate potential hazards while performing work tasks.

    Minimum Qualifications (required)

    • High School diploma or GED preferred

    • Minnesota State 1st Class Engineer- Grade B Boiler license

    • Able to operate and regulate boiler plant equipment and to make adjustments as required for plant output.

    • Thorough knowledge of the proper operation and maintenance of high pressure steam generation plant equipment.

    • Recognizes and understands typical boiler control diagrams and their design.

    • Operator has a thorough knowledge of steam safety standards and procedures.

    • Able to identify principles and design concepts governing steam pressure control (over-pressurization protection).

    • Proficiency in the use of a word processing software program.

    Additional Qualifications

    • High School diploma or GED preferred

    • Pre-employment screening is based on the job requirements and industry guidelines and may or may not be required for the position. If required, selected candidates must pass pre-employment screenings to include all or a combination of drug, criminal, motor vehicle check, physical requirements and FMSCA Clearinghouse

    Physical Requirements

    • Lifting/carrying, pushing/pulling, manual tool operation, hand work, standing, walking, sitting, hand manipulation, and strength, bending, twisting, reaching, squatting, crouching, kneeling, and crawling.

    • Climb ladders and stairs

    • Carrying equipment or materials <50 lbs="" +="" working="" on="" a="" variety="" of="" equipment="" at="" elevated="" conditions,="" in="" confined="" space,="" from="" ladders="" and="" while="" wearing="" a="" fall="" protection="" harness.="" chs="" offers="" a="" competitive="" total="" compensation="" package.="" benefits="" include="" health,="" dental,="" vision,="" hearing,="" life="" insurance,="" health="" and="" day="" care="" savings="" accounts,="" paid="" vacation,="" 401k,="" company="" funded="" pension,="" profit="" sharing,="" long="" and="" short="" term="" disability,="" tuition="" reimbursement,="" and="" adoption="" assistance.="" chs="" is="" an="" equal="" opportunity="" employer.=""></50>

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